Backyard Fire Pits

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Before Lighting Your Fire

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Backyard fire pits and fireplaces are a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but they can be dangerous and the smoke and noise can disturb your neighbours. Here are some guidelines from the Whitehorse Fire Department to safely experience outdoor fires.

Each newly built fire pit must be inspected and approved prior to being used for the first time. Instructions for the proper method of building and using your backyard fire pit are available here

Prior to lighting your fire pit you must call Whitehorse Fire Department at (867) 668-2462 to activate your permit. The dispatcher will advise you if there is a burning ban or high wind warning in effect.

Click here for guidelines on Backyard Fire Pits.

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If you have bought a house with an existing fire pit, you must call for a re-inspect and receive a permit issued in your name. Fire pits are regulated under the Emergency Services Bylaw. 

Limiting Noise and Smoke

While you may enjoy the smell of wood smoke, not everyone does. Some medical conditions are aggravated by smoke. Make sure that your fire is small and burning clean, dry fuels to limit the amount of smoke drifting on to your neighbours' property.

It is also important to limit the noise from around the fire pit, especially late at night.

For more information:
Call Whitehorse Fire Department 668-2462