Recruit Training

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  • Basic Training – All Candidates will proceed through a two week recruit training course to recap previous education and be expected to learn the WHFD SOP extensively. The training consist of a set of JPR’s directed at administration directives followed by Operational training on equipment and standards that has been developed by the department. There is some homework in the form of assignments that will be expected to be completed on time. There will be a written exam and practical evaluations on the JPR’s. This course requires your full attention so you as a student can capture all the learning objectives specified by the WHFD.
  • Probation Period – On successful completion of basic training, new recruits will be placed on probation, issued a pager, and will begin responding to calls. Recruits will be expected to attend the regular Tuesday night training sessions as well as any other special training sessions needed to meet the Departments requirements and complete the probation period. Other training provided during the this period includes:
    • Driver Training
    • Pump Operator Training
    • Aerial Ladder Operation
    • Auto Extrication
    • Rope / Ice / Swift Water and Confined Space Rescue basic familiarization 


    Upon completion of the probationary period, the member will receive a final evaluation. Consideration will be given to a review of issues such as performance, attendance, progress, attitude, skill acquisition, and interpersonal behaviours. Based on the final evaluation, the member may be made an official member of the Department or have the probationary period extended.

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