Selection Process

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Revised Process March 2016

  • Application Submission – Application forms are available online when there is an open recruiting campaign. Application forms should be submitted when attending the Aptitude and Physical Fitness testing.
    (Check this website, City social media and/or Whitehorse newspapers for time, date and location.)
  • Aptitude Test – A limited time written exam, testing for mechanical aptitude and life skills.
  • Physical Fitness Testing – This stage will assess the following components directly related to abilities required for firefighting
    • Arm/grip strength 
    • Upper body strength
    • Coordination
    • Endurance
    • The above items are assessed utilizing the following evaluations as part of a timed exercise. The exercise is timed only to insure it does not take the applicant an excessively long time to complete the exercise. A fast time does not indicate a higher score. Applicants will be evaluated on their ability to complete the tasks correctly and safely as instructed by evaluators:

Task not timed:
- Applicants will undergo a fear of heights and a confined space practical test.

NOTE: A current medical evaluation must be submitted with application.

  • Application Review – A membership committee made up of Fire Department members will review Aptitude, Physical Fitness results and evaluate the applications based on how the applicant meets the Department’s requirements such as availability, related training and life experience.
  • Interview – Selected applicants will be contacted to set up a time and date for an interview. The interview will consist of a pre-determined series of questions covering areas such as employment, experience, related skills, availability, interpersonal skills and stress management.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing by mail. 

Successful applicants will be contacted and informed as to when training will begin.

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