Snow and Ice Control

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Snow removal schedule - December 6 to 10

Location Roadways
Arkell Priority 1 and 2 roads 
Granger Priority 1 and 2 roads 
Ingram Priority 1 and 2 roads 
Porter Creek Priority 1 and 2 roads 
Downtown Priority 1 and 2 roads (night shift)

Keep at least 15 metres from crews and equipment, and watch for snow removal and advance warning signs.

New snowfall or other unexpected delays may result in a street not being cleared of snow. Occasionally your street may be scheduled for clearing but it gets skipped. This usually happens when there are multiple vehicles parked on the street, slowing down progress clearing snow and ice. Crews rely on your support, and the support of your neighbours, to move your vehicles (and any obstacles) off the street so snow and ice can be cleared efficiently.

We use a four level priority system for snow and ice control in the City. As long as it’s snowing, crews will be focused on snow and ice control on priority 1 and 2 roads. The City allows priority 3 and 4 roads to pack to a hardened snow surface until such time as the snow can be completely removed and hauled away.


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