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The 2019 application deadline is extended until filled!

Community Clean Up Program

Signs (if applicable), gloves, safety vests and garbage bags can be picked up from Parks and Community Development Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 2:30 pm and we are open through lunch. Our office is located in the Sport Yukon Building 4061 – 4th Avenue (the door closest to the High Country Inn and then first door on the right).

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Application Form for Community Cleanup Grants

Annual Application Deadline March 15


(867) 668-8325

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Interested in additional clean up locations throughout the summer?

Program Terms:

1.    Comply with all terms and conditions as outlined in the Instructions to Groups.

2.    Pre-schedule the date of litter pick up with Parks and Community Development so parks crew can be scheduled to remove the bagged litter.

3.    Ensure there is a ratio of one (1) adult supervisor for every six (6) participants.  Also, ensure a supervisor's vehicle is available at all times clean up is taking place.

4.    Program participants agree to wear high visibility safety vests and use road signs when working along areas of vehicle traffic and work in a safe manner.

5.    Indemnify and save harmless the City of Whitehorse, its servants, employees, agents, licensees and contracting parties from and against all actions, suits, claims, loss, costs, charges, damages, expenses, and demands which may be made against those parties arising from, or out of, directly or non-directly, the performance or non-performance of approved duties.

6.    Notify Parks and Community Development if your group is unable to complete the clean-up prior to June 15.  

The person who has completed this online application acknowledges that they are prepared to provide approximately thirty (30) person hours of litter pick up. In return for this service, the City of Whitehorse will mail a cheque for three hundred dollars ($300.00) to approved organizations.

Community Clean Up Instructions to Groups:

1.    This program is available to any non-profit sport, art, recreation or neighborhood organization.  Limit of one (1) application per organization.  Eligibility is determined on a first come, first serve basis.

2.    Parks and Community Development shall assign areas for clean up to groups.  Groups may identify an area of preference if they choose.  The cleanup work must be completed between May 1 and June 15.

3.    Clean up locations shall be confined to City owned or leased property.  Locations include: parks, trail systems, road easements or roads maintained by the City. 

4.    The applicant is to supply a group for the clean-up.  A group is to consist of an adult supervisor with a vehicle.  For youth groups, there must be a ratio of one (1) supervisor for every six (6) youths participating.

5.    Parks and Community Development must supply high visibility safety vests, road sign(s) where applicable and garbage bags to each group on a sign out basis.  These items are available for pick up and return to Parks and Community Development.  Groups will not be paid until vests and signs are returned.

6.    The adult supervisor of each group will be responsible:

  • ­to ensure all participants wear their safety apparel and place road signage where required
  • ­to ensure all participants work in a safe manner at all times
  • ­to ensure the supervisor's vehicle is parked in a safe manner and is available at all times during the work and has a 4-way flasher on whenever in movement
  • ­to ensure all full garbage bags are placed at one of the designated garbage drop off sites accessible to a vehicle
  • ­to ensure the invoice is completed at the end of the clean up
  • ­that the completed invoice, safety apparel, and unused garbage bags are returned to Parks and Community Development

7.    All arrangements for the clean-up are to be made with Parks and Community Development during normal working hours Monday to Friday.  Parks and Community Development must be notified one week prior to the date of clean up.

8.    Any clean up completed without an approved grant application or invoice will not be paid.

9.    The deadline for the submission of the Program Application is March 15.  If the deadline date falls on a non-business day, the deadline shall be 4:30 pm of the next business day.

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