Marwell Plan - Documents

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June 2018 - Final Plan

April 2018 - Draft Plan

Fall 2017 Documents 

The following documents include results from the October 25 workshop, September online survey, and other fall engagement events.

Draft Vision, Goals, and Actions - September 2017

In September, the planning team released the draft vision, goals, and actions for the Marwell Plan (please note that this document does not reflect results and feedback from the survey yet). Stakeholders and the public were invited to comment via an online survey and several "Pop-Up" events. The team is currently reviewing the feedback and adjusting the vision, goals, and actions for the draft plan.

Marwell What We Heard Document

Click the "What We Heard" document to read a summary of public consultation results for the Marwell Plan from April-July 2017.

Marwell Plan-a-Thon Materials - June 6-8

Over 150 people - including representatives from local/Territorial/First Nation governments, stakeholders, and the public – participated in the June 6-8 Plan-a-Thon sessions held for the Marwell Plan. Thanks to everyone who came out! The primary purposes of the Plan-a-Thon were for the project team to report back on what was heard during the April Future Forum and other engagement events through May, to share what we've learned so far, and to begin evaluating and confirming potential planning directions for the Downtown and Marwell Plans. Draft renderings and concept plans from the design stations were also developed to visually capture some of the main ideas being explored for the Downtown and Marwell plan areas. The draft concepts will be refined during future phases of the planning process (Phases 3 and 4). Click the links below for the Marwell draft concepts.For the Downtown concepts please go here.

Document Description

Marwell What We Heard

A condensed summary of what was heard from governments, stakeholders, and the public on Marwell during Phase 1 (Background Research).

Marwell Draft Planning Directions

A summary of the draft planning directions that could be explored in the Marwell Plan as a result of what was heard and other key background research. Plan-a-Thon participants were asked to identify if any other directions were missing and to rank them based on priorities.

Marwell Overall Draft Concept

Preliminary overall concept that was produced during the Plan-a-Thon that is meant to be refined.
Downtown and Marwell Greenway Concept Preliminary concept of proposed greenway corridors and trail connections in Downtown and Marwell.
Marwell Concept - Copper Village A draft concept idea of proposed improvements to Copper Road as a means to make it more of a business centre within Marwell.
Marwell Concept - Tlingit Greenway A draft concept idea of proposed improvements to Tlingit Street including enhanced bike and pedestrian connections as a means to connect to the Yukon River.
Marwell Concept - Commercial Waterfront

A draft concept idea of proposed improvements to the Riverfront Trail along Marwell and encouraging a mix of different uses.

Background Plans (by order of year completed)

  1. Resource Development Preparedness Strategy (2016)
  2. Whitehorse Sustainability Plan (2015)
  3. Community Economic Development Strategy (2015)
  4. Whitehorse Transportation Demand Management Plan (2014)
  5. Zoning Bylaw (2012)
  6. Official Community Plan (2010)
  7. Trail Plan (2007)
  8. City-Wide Transportation Study (2004)
  9. Water and Sewer Study (2003)
  10. Marwell Water System Hydraulic and Thermal Assessment (2003)
  11. Marwell Area Preliminary Engineering Study (2002)
  12. Marwell Area Planning Report (2001)
  13. Significant Wildlife Area Report (2000)
  14. Marwell Industrial Area Historical Research Project (1999)
  15. Yukon River Corridor Plan (1999)
  16. Soil, Terrain and Wetland Study (1997)