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Guide for Residential Construction

A Building Permit is required if you intend to:  

  • Construct an accessory building or accessory structure greater than 10 square meters
  • Repair, renovate or add to an existing building
  • Remove, relocate, alter or construct interior walls
  • Complete a previously unfinished area in an existing building (basement, carport, etc.)
  • Construct a porch or sundeck
  • Cover or enclose a porch or sundeck
  • Demolish, relocate or move a building
  • Place a mobile/manufactured homes
  • Install an oil burning appliance and tank, chimney, wood/pellet stove, and furnace
  • Install an HRV

A Building Permit is not required for:

  • Building a fence
  • Painting
  • Roofing repairs and re-roofing (nothing structural)
  • Exterior finish maintenance, repair, or replacement
  • Replacing deck boards – as long as size of deck is not changing
  • Accessory structures less than 10 sq. m in area (placement of accessory structures must comply with Zoning Bylaw setback requirements)

What information do I need to submit to apply for a Building Permit? 

  • Application form 
  • Site Plan – must show property lines and dimensions of lot, setbacks from building to property lines, accurate location of structure on the site, ANY & ALL existing structures on the site
  • 2 Sets of drawings – truss layout including engineered details (if applicable), foundation & floor plans, typical cross sections, and construction details
  • New Construction Checklist
  • Any additional information requested during the building permit processing
How long does it take to obtain a Building Permit? 
Processing time for Building Permits can vary throughout the year and depends on the type and complexity of the project. During the busy construction season (April to October), please allow up to 3 weeks for Building Permit approval. Large projects may take longer. Generally, the more complete the submission, the quicker the processing time. 
How much does it cost to apply for a Building Permit? 
All applications are subject to the base permit fee of $150.00 plus 0.71% of construction value for new construction. You may call the office to obtain an estimate for your project at (867) 668-8340.


Plumbing permits are issued separately. The fee is $150.00 plus $7.50 per fixture. 

Installation Permits for fuel/wood burning appliances, oil tanks, and HRVs
A $150.00 base fee is charged for all permits. For the installation of wood stove and chimney permits, ensure you have complete the installation form prior to inspection. All oil burning appliance and tank installation permits require the submission of the Oil-fired System Inspection Form before final approval will be issued. HRV installations are required to be designed by a certified designer and balanced by a certified energy auditor before final approval. 
Permit Applications (periodically subject to change)

Fuel-Burning Heating System Application

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