Housing Development Incentives

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Yukon Housing Corporation (YHC) - Municipal Matching Program

YHC is offering a one-time capital grant to match the City's Development Incentives for rental housing units. Visit the YHC website for more information.

Program Successes

To date, 158 projects have been approved under the Development Incentives Policy, resulting in a total of 342 residential units.

These units include:

  • 137 secondary suites
  • 21 supportive housing units
  • 95 rental units
  • 89 market units

New Housing Development Incentives Policy Adopted!

The City's new Housing Development Incentives Policy was adopted on February 10th and is intended to smaller, denser development forms, targeted density, and rental/supportive housing projects.   Financial incentives include a reduction in Development Cost Charges and Tax Grants. 

Only developments located within the Urban Containment Boundary (see Map 5 of the Official Community Plan) will be considered.

Incentives offered by the City of Whitehorse include: 

Suite Development Incentive: Reduction of DCCs (to $0) for the development of either a living or garden suite. For more  information, see:

Neighbourhood Density Development Incentive: Reduction of DCCs (to $0 - maximum value of $50,000) for residential development:

  • in the CN, CNC, or CNC zones;
  • outside Downtown or in the RD/CM1 zones that are within 400 m of a neighbourhood facility (schools, commercial areas, rec or health buildings, community gardens, or parks);
  • in the RCM zone where 90% of maximum density is achieved.

RCM2 Zone Development Incentive: Reduction of DCCs (to $0) for residential development in the RCM2 zone where density achieved is 50% higher than the minimum requirement.

Non-Profit or Non-Governmental Organization Incentive: Further financial incentives are offered for projects undertaken by non-profit and/or non-governmental organizations as follows:

  • grant equal to the cost of development fees and/or DCCs (maximum of $20,000);
  • deferral of payment on property purchased from the City;
  • cash grants for purpose built, subsidized rental or supportive housing projects.

Rental and Supportive Housing Development Incentive: Reduction of DCCs (to $0) and a 10 year Tax Grant (total value of $500,000) for development of one or both of the following:

  • a minimum of 4 rental housing units maintained for a minimum of 10 years;
  • a minimum of 4 supportive housing units that are owned/operated by a non-profit agency or non-government organization.

Other notable considerations of the new Housing Development Incentives Policy include:

  • only the residential portion of a building will receive an incentive;
  • residential units (excluding rental/supportive housing) must be apartments with 2 or less bedrooms;
  • applications will not be processed until a Development Permit is issued.

Note that this overview is for reference only.  Applicants should review the City's Housing Development Incentives Policy in full prior to making an application.

Download a Housing Development Incentive application form (Form 5A) and apply today!