Development Applications and Permits

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Building Permits Building Permits are required if you are planning to build, renovate, or change the use of a building or property. The Building Inspections Division is responsible for issuing Building Permits as well as permits for the demolition of buildings, and the installation of heating, ventilation and plumbing services. 
Development Permit Applications
A development permit is generally required for developments in which there is a new use, a change of use or a change in intensity of use. 
Conditional Use Applications Uses listed as Conditional in the Zoning Bylaw require Council approval to be permitted.
Subdivision Applications A subdivision is required to divide a parcel into two or more parcels, to consolidate two or more parcels into one, to realign a parcel boundary, or to create a condominium.
Zoning Amendment Applications Any property owner or their agent may apply for an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw. Zoning amendment applications go through an administrative and Council review and a public input process. Council may approve, approve with amendments, or deny an application to amend the Zoning Bylaw.