Application Forms and Development Guides

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Development Permit Application Forms

All Development Permit applications must include:
Form 1A - Contact Information and Owner Authorization

Depending on the proposed development, you will also be required to submit one or more of the following (Form 1A states which additional forms are required for typical developments):

Form 2A - New Residential Construction Checklist (excluding Multiple Housing)

Form 2B - New Construction Checklist (Multiple Housing, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional)

Form 2C - Project Information Table

Form 2D - New Business or Land Use Change Checklist

Form 2E - Relocation/Demolition of a Structure

Form 2F - Living Suite Information Table

Form 2G - Garden Suite Information Table

Form 3A - Minor Home-Based Business Checklist

Form 4C - Project Information Table for RCS, RCS2, RCS3, and RCT Zones

Form 5A - Application for Housing Development Incentive

Form 6A - Family Day Home

Dock Development Permit - Schwatka Lake West Shore 

Development Guides

Development Permit Information Guide

Development Guidelines - Lot Grading Guidelines for Simple Developments

Residential Accessory Development Guidelines

Residential Fence Guidelines

Inspection Guidelines for Living Suites

Garden Suite Information Guide and FAQ

Landscaping and Parking Requirements in Comprehensive Zones

Landscape Guidelines for Industrial Development

Mobile Home Information Guide

Requirements for Approval of Family Day Home

Recommended Woody Plant Species for Whitehorse

Plan Examples

Site Plan Example 1 - New Single Detached, Duplex, and Residential Accessory Developments

Site Plan Example 2 - New Multiple Housing, Industrial, and Commercial Developments

Lot Grading Plan Example - Residential Lot in Existing Subdivision

Lot Grading Plan Example - Infill

Lot Grading Plan Example - Country Residential

Subdivision Grading Plans

Whistle Bend Phase 3 D&E - Lots 506-558 (last update: March 2020)

Whistle Bend Phase 4 - Lots 559-770 (last update: April 1, 2021)

Whistle Bend Phase 5 - Lots 773-948 (last update: February 2021)