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Lot Sales

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 Whistle Bend Lots  (See Yukon Government) - Over the Counter
 #48 Fireweed Drive 
 Lot 160, Plan 2018-0018  1.37 ha  $230,000.00       Mary Lake Lottery
 #50 Fireweed Drive
 Lot 161, Plan 2018-0018  1.36 ha  $230,000.00       Mary Lake Lottery
 Last Updated: June 26, 2018

Here is a list of our current projects and some more detailed information about each project:

We also do planning to allow for future land sales, often in coordination with the Yukon Government. Projects range from fully serviced residential neighbourhood development, to redevelopment sites, to small infill developments. Current planning work is being done by the City for the Whistle Bend neighbourhood. The Yukon Government is developing and selling land in Whistle Bend.

Disposition Procedure
The City has several options on how to dispose of land. The process selected will depend on the type, size, zoning and servicing of the lot. Lots will be sold at Market Value, unless otherwise directed by Council, in a manner that will allow all interested parties an equal opportunity to purchase a lot. All lots will be sold in accordance with the City’s Land Disposition Policy.


For more information on Lot Sales, contact Cathy Dyson, Land Development Supervisor, 668-8319.