Background Reports

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Whistle Bend - Sustainable Community

1. Whistle Bend Subdivision Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Report (2009)
Assessment Report
YESAB Form 1

2. Whistle Bend Geotechnical Report (2009)
Geotechnical Report  completed by EBA Engineering
Geotechnical Report - Figures 
Geotechnical Report - Appendices 

3. Whistle Bend Transportation Network Impact Study (2009)
The Transportation Study completed by AECOM is now completed and available for download. Please note that this file has been broken into sections as it is very large. To download the file click on the links below:
Executive Summary 
Report Part 1
Report Part 2 

4. Environment and Special Places Background Report (2006)
Final Environmental and Special Places Background Report 
Environment Background Poster
Porter Creek Bench Trail Map

5. Socio-Economic Background Report (2006)
Final Socio-Economic Background Report 
Socio-Economic Background Posters

6. Infrastructure and Transportation Background Report (2006)
Infrastructure and Transportation Background Briefing Notes 
Goals and Objectives Section of the City Transportation Study

Recommended Network Road Classification Drawing  

7. Heritage Resources Background Report (2006)

• Heritage Background Briefing Notes