Charrette Participants

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Whistle Bend - Sustainable Community

The Porter Creek Charrette was successfully hosted by the City of Whitehorse, with the assistance of the Sustainability Charrette Design Team from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the Yukon Government and the Yukon Housing Corporation. The Charrette ran from Sunday November 5th until Thursday November 9th, 2006.

Thanks to the contributions of all participants. People who were involved include the following:

Stephanie Brown Horse and Rider Association

Vibeke Coates Horse and Rider Association

Jaime Hanna Horse and Rider Association

Judy Linton Horse and Rider Association

Elsie Wain Horse and Rider Association

Ian Robertson Inukshuk Planning

David Michayluk Jack Hulland Elementary

Jack Kobayshi Kobayashi Zedda Architects

Victoria Kruznir Kobayashi Zedda Architects

Tony Zedda Kobayashi Zedda Architects

Gillian McKee Kwanlin Dun First Nation

Mick Nychka Mountainview Golf Course

Jessica Webster Natural Resources Canada

Michelle Christensen Northern Climate ExChange

Jeff Marynowski Porter Creek Community Association

Andre Como Porter Creek Secondary

Al Heiland Property Owner

Cam Heiland Property Owner

Cassandra Heiland Property Owner

Verda Heiland Property Owner

Ray Charbonneau Public

Ted Dean Public

Lawrence Dublenko Public

Mike Ivens Public

Gail Johnson Public

Christian Klein Public

Dave Laxton Public

Ella LeGresley Public

Michael Muller Public

Jeff Olson Public

Kaori Torigai Public

Don White Public

Rick Savage Quest Engineering

Mike Racz Real Estate Association

Ross Burnett Recreation and Parks Association

Sandra Marshall Senior Researcher CMHC

Doug Pollard Senior Researcher CMHC

Marian Geary Ta'an Kwach'an Council

Alice McGuire Ta'an Kwach'an Council

John Pattimore Ta'an Kwach'an Council

Bill Jenkins UMA Group

Leah Libsekal UMA Group

Paul Kishchuk Vector Research

Brian Ritchie YG Community Services

Diane Gunter YG Environment

Jerome McIntyre YG Planning

Ian Church YG Senior Science Advisor

Cameron Eckart Yukon Bird Club

Karen Baltgalis Yukon Conservation Society

Jean-Paul Pinard Yukon Conservation Society

Phil Borgel Yukon Electric

Juergen Korn Yukon Housing

Mike O'Connor Yukon Housing

Numerous members of the public also were able to attend the different Open Houses and give their feedback. The following groups were also invited but were unable to attend:

City Public Works 

MLAs, Porter Creek Centre, North and South

Owner, Northlands Trailer Park

Owner, Takhini Trailer Park

Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce

Yukon Council on Disabilities

Yukon Homebuilders' Association