District Heating

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Whistle Bend - Sustainable Community

District Energy Study Completed
The City of Whitehorse received funding from the Federation of Canadian Muncipalities (FCM) to conduct a District Heating and Waste Heat Recovery Feasibility Study for Whistle Bend. As part of the Green Municipal Fund program, FCM provides grant funding for green infrastructure improvements and studies across Canada.

EBA Engineering has completed the District Energy and Waste Heat Recovery Feasibility Study. To download the report please click on the links below:

Executive Summary 
Tables and Figures 
Appendices Part 1
Appendices Part 2
Appendices Part 3
Appendices Part 4

The next steps for establishing a District Energy system in Whistle Bend will be to determine options for ownership, operation, and maintenance of the system. Funding sources for construction will also be explored. Once these issues have been addressed, a contract for system design can be awarded.

Open House

The City of Whitehorse held an Open House to present the results of the District Energy and Waste Heat Recovery Feasibility Study that has been ongoing for the Whistle Bend Neighbourhood.

To view the information presented at the Open House please click on the links below.

Existing Conditions 
Field Work 
Development Areas