Downtown Parking Management Plan Update

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Final Draft of the 2019 Downtown Parking Management Plan

Click here for the final draft.

Stantec Consulting Ltd. has prepared the final draft of the Parking Plan. It is scheduled to be introduced to Council on July 15, 2019. Council will consider it for potential adoption on July 22, 2019. 

Other Updates

January 2019 - What we Heard Document

Click to download the "What we Heard" document on the Parking Plan online survey.

This document summarizes the results of the Parking Plan online survey that occurred in late summer 2018.  The survey asked the public about parking behaviours, parking conditions, and ideas for improvements. Over 1000 surveys were completed!

The City thanks all respondents for taking the time to answer the survey. Your reponses will be used to inform the final plan which is anticipated to be completed in summer 2019. Other factors and considerations that will be integrated into the final plan include direction from other City-adopted plans, parking inventory results, and best practices and trends for Downtown parking.

January 2018 - Ideas Fair

We had a station at the Ideas Fair held at the Old Fire Hall on January 31, thanks to all who participated! 

January 2018 - Field Surveys

As part of the Downtown Parking Plan Update, the City of Whitehorse and Stantec Consulting Ltd. conducted parking counts and field surveys during the month of January. The field surveys consisted of a review of on-street parking, off-street parking lots, and overall Downtown mobility to get an idea on how Downtown parking is functioning. This will provide such information as:

  • how many parking stalls are being occupied during the course of the day (on a block-by-block basis);
  • how long are vehicles parking for;
  • what specific areas are experiencing more or less parking demand; and
  • what times of the work day are experiencing more or less parking demand.

Bylaw's License Plate Recognition Vehicle (e.g. the white SUV) was utilized as part of the surveys. Any questions regarding the purpose of the surveys can be directed to Ben Campbell, project manager, at the contact information below.

Project Background

The City's 2011 Downtown Parking Management Plan contains 10 years of recommendations geared at ensuring the efficient and effective use of parking in the city core. Since it was adopted, approximately 75% of the recommendations from the plan have been implemented, or are underway.

Click to download the 2011 Plan implementation chart to see what's been accomplished to date.

To reflect the ongoing population and commercial growth of Whitehorse, the City has initiated a process to track progress and refresh the plan with new and emerging priorities. The update process will examine a range of parking improvement initiatives and explore alternative transportation strategies that can help to ease parking demand.

    Stantec Consulting Ltd. was hired to complete the work, which included a variety of data collection exercises and public engagement opportunities.

    Study Area

    Click to download a map of the 2019 Parking Plan study area.


    The project launched in early 2018. Stakeholder and public engagement occurred in 2018 with a final plan expected to be prepared by summer 2019.

    Background Documents/Resources

    Important documents that will help inform the update include: (ordered chronologically)

    1. Downtown Retail and Entertainment Strategy (2016)
    2. Whitehorse Sustainability Plan (2015)
    3. Community Economic Development Strategy (2015)
    4. Whitehorse TDM Plan (2014)
    5. City of Whitehorse Zoning Bylaw (2012)
    6. Whitehorse Downtown Parking Management Plan (2011)
    7. City of Whitehorse Official Community Plan (2010)


    Ben Campbell,, (867) 668-8338