Plans in Process

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The Planning & Sustainability Department conducts planning work in order to ensure long-term orderly development in Whitehorse, and to balance development with the conservation of wilderness and natural spaces.

The following plans and strategies are currently in the process of being created. Watch for current public input opportunities in order to take part in the process!

Downtown_thumbnail Downtown Plan
The last Downtown Plan was completed over a decade ago. Now is the ideal time to “fine tune” the vision for this area and chart specific actions that will keep it vibrant over the next 20 years. 

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Commercial and Industrial Land Study
Ensuring sufficient supply of commercial and industrial land is important to the Whitehorse economy. A land study has been launched to help inform the upcoming OCP review. 
DSCN3455_editsmall Local Food and Urban Agriculture Strategy
The City has embarked on developing a strategy to enhance the local food system. Policy tools include land use designations, zoning, development guidelines, and funding.  
Marwell_thumbnail Marwell Plan
Marwell is a unique and evolving part of Whitehorse. The Marwell Plan will consider many aspects of the area, including business, transportation, residential and mixed land uses, public spaces, health and safety, environment, sustainability, and development.
Parking Plan

Parking Plan
Numerous implementation items from the 2011 Parking Plan have been completed. The City is now reviewing the Plan to update action items and confirm priorities as our City continues to grow.

Downtown_thumbnail Robert Service Way Area Plan
The process covers the area from Ear and Hobo Lakes to the Airport, and from the Alaska Highway to the Yukon River. The end product will set a vision for future development and recreation areas.
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Whistle Bend Planning
Whistle Bend is envisioned as a neighbourhood for 8,000 residents, complete with transit service, a town square, retail shops, schools, parks, greenspace, and trails.
tree Wildfire Risk Reduction Strategy
The City aims to develop a 20-year plan for reducing wildfire risk through fuel reduction and management.