Emissions Inventory

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Emissions Inventories are important tools, enabling us to better comprehend the types and quantities of pollutants that are emitted to the air we breathe over a specific time period. The data in an emissions inventory enables policy makers to prioritize options to reduce emissions and to monitor progress towards emission reduction targets.

Thousands of sources release air contaminants every day. Emission sources range in size from your vehicle and your household furnace, to small businesses, airplanes and large-scale industrial operations. 

To keep track of corporate emissions, City of Whitehorse began compiling an annual emission inventory in 2019. The inventory describes the amounts of contaminants released into the air by different types of sources. By monitoring emissions, it allows the City of Whitehorse to track progress for corporate emissions targets set through the Sustainability Plan (2015)

 GHG Emissions Inventory Cover Pg

2019 City of Whitehorse Corporate Gas Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory