Planning Initiatives

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The following plans and strategies have been adopted by Council, and work is currently ongoing to implement the initiatives contained within them:

chadburn Chadburn Lake Park Management Plan
The first of a series of 5 management plans, each being done to provide guidance for conservation and development in our regional parks. Adopted by Council in June 2017. See also the Regional Parks Plan.

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Commercial and Industrial Land Study
Ensuring sufficient supply of commercial and industrial land is important to the Whitehorse economy. This 2020 study is being used to inform the current OCP review. 
ecdev Community Economic Development Strategy
A comprehensive strategy to guide economic development initiatives for 5 years. Adopted by City Council, 2015.
parking Downtown Parking Management Plan
A 10-year plan for downtown parking management containing multiple complementary initiatives. First created in 2011, the plan was updated and adopted by City Council in 2019.
Downtown_thumbnail Downtown Plan
This 2018 plan focuses on 9 "Big Actions" to propel Whitehorse's Downtown towards its stated vision. 
Downtown south plan cover page square crop Downtown South Master Plan
A plan for downtown revitalization supported by the City's sustainability directives. Adopted by City Council, July 2011.
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Hillcrest Neighbourhood Plan
A plan intended to serve as a roadmap guiding change and renewal in Hillcrest over the next two decades. Adopted by City Council, January 2014.
DSCN3455_editsmall Local Food and Urban Agriculture Study
This 2020 study recommends potential actions to enhance the local food system. Policy tools include land use designations, zoning, development guidelines, and funding.  
Marwell_thumbnail Marwell Plan
This 2018 plan considers many aspects of the area, including business, transportation, residential and mixed land uses, public spaces, health and safety, environment, sustainability, and development.
Regional Parks Plan Map Square Crop Regional Parks Plan

The 2014 Regional Parks Plan provides a guiding framework for the five regional parks identified in the OCP.

Downtown_thumbnail Robert Service Way Planning Study
This 2018 study looked at the area from Ear and Hobo Lakes to the Airport, and from the Alaska Highway to the Yukon River. The study gives recommendations for future development.
Schwatka Lake Dock
Safe at Home
A community-based action plan to end and prevent homelessness. This 2017 plan was created in conjunction with 3 other Governments.
Schwatka Lake Dock
Schwatka Lake Area Plan
This 2015 plan focused on land uses and activities on the western shore of Schwatka Lake. Visit the project page for updates on implementation and dock permit information. 
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Whistle Bend Planning
Whistle Bend is envisioned as a neighbourhood for 10,000 residents, complete with transit service, a town square, retail shops, schools, parks, greenspace, and trails. Planning occurred over multiple different initiatives and is now considered complete.
tree Wildfire Risk Reduction Strategy
The Wildfire Risk Reduction Strategy aims to reduce wildfire risk within the City of Whitehorse, through a 4-year action plan.


Older projects no longer being implemented are listed on the Past Projects and Planning Resources page.