Marwell Plan - Project Overview

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What is the Marwell Plan?

The Marwell area of Whitehorse was first developed for oil refinery operations during World War II and became home to a variety of government maintenance yards, fuel companies, and other industrial activities in the decades that followed. The past 30 years has seen the area shift yet again to the diverse mix of commercial, professional, and light industrial uses that we see today.

The last planning effort for Marwell was completed over 15 years ago. The continued growth of Whistle Bend and building boom in Downtown is creating new challenges and opportunities for this ever-changing area.

Now is the time to envision the future of the Marwell industrial area and determine how it can best integrate with the Downtown and rest of the city over the next 10 years and beyond. 

What's included in the Plan? 

The Marwell Plan creates a blueprint for Marwell's future in three key ways: 

  • Urban design and/or capital projects (i.e., changes to the physical environment)
  • Programs and/or initiatives 
  • Policies that affect how Marwell functions and develops

The Plan will consider many aspects of the Marwell area, including business, transportation, residential and mixed land uses, public spaces, health and safety, environment, sustainability, active transportation, and land development.

How does the Marwell Plan fit in with other planning work?  

The Marwell Plan was undertaken separately but at the same time as the plan for the Downtown with an eye to a “Greater Downtown” for Whitehorse. The two projects shared the same overall timeline and process but resulted in distinct, unique plans. Check out for the Downtown Plan project.

Both planning projects will feed into the upcoming 2018 Official Community Plan review. 

What was the planning process? 

The Downtown and Marwell planning projects kicked off in March 2017 and were completed in June 2018 when they were adopted by City Council.COW-PROCESS-GRAPHIC-2018-SV-June_cropped

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