Natural Resource Extraction

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Natural resource extraction can refer to quarries or mineral extraction. Several gravel, rock and sand quarries are currently in operation within the City of Whitehorse. There are no mines, and OCP policy discourages new mines within City limits. In all cases, proposals for new sand, gravel or mineral extraction areas require appropriate environmental studies and management plans, and are subject to environmental and socio-economic review.


Granular resources are essential for the construction and repair of new and aging infrastructure. As the City of Whitehorse grows, gravel, rock, sand, and soil are needed for road and infrastructure improvements, and to prepare land for future development. Quarries are considered interim land uses. Following decommissioning and reclamation, the anticipated end-of-life use for quarries could be either greenspace or lot development. 

The City is currently working with Yukon Government staff to produce an updated map of potential quarryable areas. This information will be available in early 2019, and will help inform the upcoming Official Community Plan review.

Past studies of quarry areas include: