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Whistle Bend is envisioned as a neighbourhood for 8,000 residents complete with transit service, a town square, retail shops, three schools, parks, greenspaces, and kilometres of paved and unpaved trails. The design builds on a Charrette Concept (2006) and Master Plan (2008) developed through public consultation, and incorporates smart growth, new urbanism, and sustainable design principles. The neighbourhood is being planned and constructed in 9 phases through a partnership between the City of Whitehorse and Yukon Government. Yukon Government is the owner and developer of this land.  

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Current Work

Whistle Bend is currently in Phases 3 and 4 of the project. A portion of the phase 3 lots were released in the spring of 2018. Construction is underway for the remainder of phase 3 and phase 4, with a lot release expected in spring 2019.  Detailed design work is currently underway for 5 and construction may proceed by the end of 2019. Once complete, these phases will include amenities such as commercial development, paved trails, parks, easy access to schools, and landscaping.

The City's Zoning Bylaw specifies development regulations for each type of zone.

Planning for Future Phases of Whistle Bend is also underway at the City, in conjunction with the Yukon Government and Ta'an Kwach'an Council.  For further information on that process visit the project page.

Completed Phases

Infrastructure for phases 1, 2, and a portion of 3 of Whistle Bend are now complete. A variety of land parcels are available for sale through Yukon Government.