2018 Whitehorse Kids' Triathlon

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Sunday June 10 - event starts at 9:30 am!

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Race Entry Fee: $25 per child
Registration begins: Tuesday, March 13 at 4:30 pm 
The deadline to register is Friday, June 1 at 12:00 pm.

No registration will be accepted after the deadline. Due to the organizational requirements for this event, no refunds are possible.

Triathlon Home 

Two ways to register:

  1. Online at Active Living Online
  2. In person at the Canada Games Centre Reception Desk 

Registration is NOT confirmed until the event waiver is filled out and submitted. 


To guarantee your t-shirt size, please have your registration completed by Monday, April 30, 2018. 

Shirt Sizes Youth Size Chart 
Extra Small (XS)  2 - 4 
Small (S)      6 - 8 
Medium (M)  10 - 12 
Large (L)  14 - 16 
Extra Large (XL)  18 - 20 


Triathlon Race Package 2018

Race Information 

Thank you for registering for the Whitehorse Kids’ Triathlon! The purpose of this event is for kids to have fun and put their multi - sport skills to the test in a non-competitive, friendly environment.

Triathlon Race Format 2018

All participants are placed in heats according to their age category and begin in the pool. When they have completed their required number of laps, participants proceed to the swim/run transition station, located outside the pool doors on the northeast side of the building. Participants run around the perimeter of the Canada Games Centre parking lot and into the Whitehorse Cross-Country Ski Club stadium and trails. Running and biking portions of the event are indicated with markers and signage. The course from the pool doors to the ski stadium will be cordoned off with pylons and rope. More information on the trail descriptions will be available at the race package pick-up.


  • Each participant must complete the entire course. Volunteers are stationed throughout the course to lend any assistance needed to ensure participant safety and well-being.
  • Clear marking and signage will be available throughout the course to show the way. It is the participant’s responsibility to learn the route and follow the age category signage.
  • When overtaking a fellow runner or rider, pass to the left and return to the right side of the trail. When passing, please call out “on your left” to let the person in front of you know you are there.
  • Volunteers count laps for bike riders if more than one lap is required for their age group.
  • Parents cannot assist children during the event (with the exception of the 5-year-old category).


  • 5 year olds swim in the Leisure Pool within arms’ distance of support person.
  • 6-14 year olds swim in lanes in the lap pool.
  • Anxious swimmers will be placed as close to lifeguards as possible.
  • Please bring your child’s own PFD (life jacket) if your child requires one for the swim portion. Only a limited number and size of flutter board and PFDs (life jackets) are available for use.
  • Flippers and other propulsive devices are not allowed.
  • No jumping or diving into the water and no running on the pool deck at any time.
  • Any stroke is allowed; there is no disqualification for style or stopping.
  • Children must touch each end of the pool and complete the required distance.
  • Volunteers will count laps for swimmers if more than one lap is required.

Transition Area (T1) Swim/Run 

  •  The swim/run transition area is outside of the pool on the east side of the Canada Games Centre. Drop off transition bag for T1 & T2 at the body marking station at least 10 minutes prior to designated swim time. Participants’ change of clothes for running must be in their transition bag before proceeding to the body marking station.
  • Volunteers will assist participants after the swimming event to find their transition bag and direct them to the running trail. 
  • Participants can pick up their transition bag by showing their bib at the designated table at the Finish Line.

Transition Area (T2) Run/Bike

  • Only participants and volunteers can be in the transition area.
  • Participant’s bike and helmet must be dropped off in this transition area (Stadium) between 7:45am and 8:45am on June 10th. No helmet = No race. 
  • Bicycles must be walked into the transition area.
  • Participants will finish the race with their bikes and can take them directly to their vehicles.
  • When finishing the race, please ensure that bikes are removed from the finish line and not dropped on the ground as soon as the participants clear the finish line.  

NOTE: It is the parent’s responsibility to see that bikes and helmets are in good working order. Bike inspection is not mandatory, but recommended.  Be sure to check your child's helmet before race day. Inspect the helmet for cracks/chips and that it fits properly. The helmet should feel snug and not slide around with movement. The straps should form a V-shape around each ear and the chin strap must fasten securely. Helmets must be buckled during the bike portion of the event, including in the transition zone. The chin strap must be secured before touching the bike.  

Get more Trail information here. 

Additional Race Information

5 year olds  

Children in this category must turn five by July 31st, 2018 in order to participate.

Each participant must have one parent/guardian accompanying them throughout the race, with all necessary equipment for themselves, including swim attire (this includes being in the water within arm’s reach for the swim portion).

Optional: Your child can bring their bike (including push bike, bike with training wheels, scooter or a trike) to complete the optional bike section of the course. 

6-14 year olds  

Participants must be the correct age by the race date, June 10th, 2018. Athletes 6 years of age and older do not require parental assistance during the race.

Snacks & Refreshments

Participants will have access to fruit, water and Gatorade at the finish line. Food will also be available to purchase during the event.


Get more Trail information here.