Residential Collection

Curbside collection is provided to all eligible premises (urban single family residences and multi-unit residential properties with 4 or less units).

Collection alternates weekly between waste (Black Cart) and organics (Green Cart). When setting out yard waste, please space bags 1 m from your full Green Cart.

Black Cart

Your Black Cart collects non-recyclable packaging, hygiene products, bagged pet waste (feces, litter, and bedding), bagged cold wood ashes, incandescent and halogen light bulbs, used vacuum cleaner bags, and soiled aluminum foil.

Your Black Cart does not collect cardboard, compostables, recyclables, household hazardous waste (HHW), or e-waste.

Green Cart

Your Green Cart collects only compostable waste: raw or cooked meat, fish and dairy products, garden & yard waste, and food soiled paper (pizza box). Other items include human & pet hair, sawdust & wood shavings, coffee grounds & filters, loose tea & fiber tea bags, eggshells, shellfish including the shells, and more. Click here to learn more about what to put in your Green Cart.

Extra yard waste? You can place additional approved compostable bags out at the curb with your Green Cart. Bags must weigh 25 kg or less each and be placed 1 meter from your full green cart in a single pile.

Beginning in 2020, all multi-unit residential properties with 5 or more units (e.g., condos snd apartment buildings) will be required to enroll in the Commercial Organics collection program.

Note: The Multi-Unit Organics program operates separately from the Residential Curbside Collection program and is on its own weekly collection schedule!

Multi-unit residential properties are already required to separate their cardboard — and handle their waste using commercial services or by self-hauling. With Commercial Organics collection, all multi-unit properties have a choice between ordering either Green Carts or Green Bins (2-yard or 3-yard) from the City to participate in the weekly collection program.

Contact the Water and Waste Services Environmental Coordinator at 867-689-2325 or at [email protected] for more information and to enroll.

Whether we live in an apartment building Downtown or in a cabin in country residential, we all create waste, and we all have a responsibility to manage our waste through proper sorting for optimal waste diversion. There are some things to keep in mind to keep the wild away from your door and the wilderness untamed.

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When it comes to proper waste management, we all have a role to play. Making sure that waste is secured not only prevents wildlife from accessing it, but also reduces the risk of people illegally dumping in your bin, which is a theft of service.

Private waste haulers in Whitehorse are working to install gravity locks on all commercial waste bins. A locking bar across the top of the bin prevents the lid from being opened, but disengages when the bin is tipped upside down by the garbage truck. The driver does not need to get out of the truck with this type of lock. A padlock underneath enables you to disengage the bar when you need to throw something in. As a business owner, you are responsible for making sure that your waste bin remains locked at all times.

Key Reasons To Put A Lock On Your Bin

  • A lock is an effective way of knowing what items are going in your container
  • Prevents illegal dumping, which is a theft of service
  • Helps you avoid unsorted load fees, by giving you control of what goes in your bin
  • Protects your container from ravens, bears and other wildlife

Please report illegal dumping to Bylaw Services at 668-8317