When it comes to sorting our waste, nobody enjoys the guessing game. Whitehorse’s ‘What Goes Where’ app makes sorting your waste a snap.

Sorting your waste is easy with our What Goes Where app. Type the name of an item into the search bar and we’ll give you local options for recycling, composting, or disposal. If you can’t find a given item, check back soon, as the list is continuously updated. Or view our sorting guides page.

Why sort waste?

Waste is created when materials are mixed together. When materials are separated we create opportunities for reuse, composting, and recycling.

Some waste requires special handling for safe and effective burial in the landfill. This applies to materials such as asbestos, mattresses, and construction waste.

The benefits to you include significant savings in tipping fees. Loads with over 10% contamination will trigger additional fees ($300.00/tonne and $50 per banned item found). A Compliance Officer now inspects loads coming into the Landfill.

Sorting steps

Take a look in your waste bin – what materials do you see? Make a list of the materials, and estimate the volumes you produce each week.

TIP – Use our  waste sorting guide and organics sorting guide.


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Look for opportunities to reduce and prevent waste from being created.

Can the item be reused? Bring it to Raven Recycling, or local pawn shops. Check out the monthly Repair Café at Yukonstruct or try social media buy and sell pages, Whitehorse classifieds.

Provide separate bins for materials to make sorting easy. The location and size of collection bins depend on your activities. Create a central waste station for offices and special events, organize larger bins for construction and demolition.

TIP – Use the What Goes Where App to look up disposal options for any item. 

Contact a local waste hauler for collection – a list of local haulers for various materials is available here.

TIP – Commercial Organics Collection is now available to all businesses, organizations, condos, and apartments. Sign up today! Contact [email protected]

Incorporate waste training as part of orientation, post signs on bins, and ensure responsibilities for managing waste are understood.