Country Residential

People living in country residential do not pay utility fees and do not receive water and waste services. Waste, including organics and recycling, can be self-hauled:

Organic waste Waste Management Facility Tipping fees apply
Recyclable materials Waste Management Facility, P&M Recycling Depot or Raven Recycling No tipping fees
Reusable materials (in good working condition) Waste Management Facility ($5 tipping fee), Raven Recycling, social media buy and sell pages, repair it at the monthly Repair Café, Whitehorse classifieds.
Upcoming Yukonstruct Events
Tipping fees apply at the Waste Management Facility
Free drop off of good condition items at Raven Recycling and Salvation Army
Regular waste Waste Management Facility Tipping fees apply

Alternatively, services can be arranged for waste, cardboard or other recycling through a private waste hauler or Raven Recycling.

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Backyard composting is a great way to reduce waste that must be self-hauled, as well as to minimize its smell. However, this practice will significantly increase the likelihood of bears and other animals entering your property in search for food. Please consider a bear-proof backyard composter and make sure to add lots of brown material (like leaves) to food waste to keep smells down and to keep your compost balance healthy. You might also consider using electric fencing to protect your composter, backyard chickens, fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Check out Wildwise Yukon for more information.

For information on what to do with other types of waste, consult our app

Concerned about wildlife accessing waste in your neighbourhood? Read our wildlife section for news and information.