Illegal Dumping

We’ve all seen it at one time or another: garbage, old appliances, broken TVs, mattresses and other waste items dumped in the bush. Even old freezer meat seems to be “fair game”. We know dumping our waste in the wilderness is wrong, but for some reason, that last point seems to escape some of us. Unfortunately, illegal dumping, also known as ‘fly tipping’, is a common problem in many Canadian municipalities, including Whitehorse.

Illegal dumping costs us all! By developing partnerships, having vigilant community members (including reporting illegal dumping 667-2111) and developing a strategy to manage the problem, we can see results that help to reduce the incidence of this unacceptable practice.

Visit our SWAP Engagement site for an interactive illegal dumping map where you can put a pin up to submit illegal dumping anonymously! Help keep the wilderness in Wilderness City!

Illegal dumping includes:

  • Throwing waste, including appliances and bulky items, into green spaces, lakes and rivers;
  • Dumping household waste into garbage bins at City parks and at highway rest stops;
  • Dumping commercial waste into garbage bins at City parks or your neighbours waste bin (known as a theft of service and should be reported to Bylaw Services at 668-8317);
  • Bringing household waste to work and throwing it in the bin there without employer permission (also known as a theft of service);
  • Driving around looking for someone else’s waste bin (this is also known as a theft of service);
  • Dropping off unacceptable material at the Waste Management Facility by concealing it; and
  • Leaving waste at the gate of the Waste Management Facility after hours.

Illegal dumping not only ruins the natural beauty around us, but also pollutes the environment when electronic waste, hazardous waste and other items containing heavy metals and toxins are left exposed to the elements.

Illegal dumping costs us all!

The truth is, illegal dumping is wrong whether it is in our rivers, forests or someone else’s bin. Proper disposal of our waste is one of many important parts of the City’s waste management plan, and our goal of zero waste. Composting, source separating (cardboard, e-waste, metals, etc.) and putting waste where it belongs is one of the best ways to do the right thing, reduce the burden and cost on our landfill and environment and, get us closer to zero waste.

Help keep Yukon wild by reporting illegal dump sites with City limits to Bylaw Services at 667-2111, or to Environment Yukon’s TIPP line at 1-800-661-0525 for dump sites beyond municipal jurisdiction. Whitehorse citizens and community groups are also working to stop illegal dumping. The City thanks these groups for their hard work and commitment to a cleaner and greener Whitehorse.

Signs have been installed at some known illegal dumping areas, and we’re encouraging residents to call Bylaw Services (667-2111) to report illegal dumping. The City is also increasing monitoring and public education efforts, and exploring the use of portable cameras.

Dangerous and explosive materials are not accepted at the Waste Management Facility. Please be aware when dealing with explosives. Contact the RCMP at 667-5555 if you need help identifying explosive materials.