Senior Utility Rebate Online Application

If no, your first application will need to be made in person at City Hall and you will be asked to provide proof of age.

Part A: Utility Account Information

Look for a number in this format on your invoice: 31000XXXXX.00

Part B: Applicant Information

Part C: Mailing Address (if different than Utility Account Address)

You can also use this section if you have recently moved.

Part D: Rebate Option

Part E: Renters

Part F: Certification

Application Conditions

1. The Seniors Utility Charges Rebate is available to individuals who have attained the age of 65, or to the surviving spouse of a senior citizen under one of the following categories:

(a) Under the age of 60 – a surviving spouse who is under the age of sixty (60) years may be eligible for a rebate for the year in which the eligible spouse died, pro-rated to the date of death.

(b) Between the ages of 60 and 65 – a rebate may be paid to a surviving spouse provided he or she continues to occupy the same premises under which his or her spouse was eligible for the grant prior to the date of death.

2. Applicants attaining the eligible age may receive a rebate from the first day of the month following their eligibility. Applicants attaining the eligible age in the current year may receive a prorated rebate, calculated from the first day of the month following attaining eligibility.

3. The Senior Utility Charges Rebate will include charges paid to the City for water, sewer and garbage services to an amount equal to annual water, sewer and garbage service charges in a single family residential dwelling a maximum of five hundred dollars ($500.00) per year.

4. The Rebate is only payable:

(a) On premises occupied by the applicant; and

(b) Where the utility charges are paid by the applicant, whether directly or as a portion of rent.

5. First-time applicants shall provide proof of age. This must be government issued identification presented in person at City Hall. Those applicants can use this printable application form and direct deposit form.

6. First time applicants who live in rental property, and renters who have changed addresses in the application year, shall provide a letter stating that water, sewer and garbage charges have been paid to a third party as a component of their rental agreement.

The deadline for applications is December 31, 2022. Please return completed printed applications to City Hall (2121 Second Avenue). Signed copies of this form can also be emailed to [email protected].

Under extenuating circumstances, an extension of the deadline may be allowed.

Payment of the monthly utility charges remains the responsibility of the applicant.