Private Retail Cannabis

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New Municipal Regulations on Private Cannabis Sales

On April 8th, 2019 the City passed amendments to its Zoning and Business License Bylaws that allow for ‘retail services, restricted’ operations (cannabis shops).  These bylaws set out regulations regarding where cannabis retail stores can be established, setbacks from different land uses in the city, and hours of operations.  To review these bylaw, click on the following links:

Bylaw 2019-08 established that Marwell and specific zones in Downtown are the only areas where ‘retail services, restricted’ are permitted.  In addition, 100 metre buffers were established from the following uses:

  • Lots zoned PR–Parks and Recreation that include a play structure 
  • Temporary shelter services
  • Lots which provides services to youth at risk or people suffering from substance abuse
  • Other ‘retail services, restricted’ operations

A map showing the locations of currently established buffers in Downtown and Marwell can be downloaded here.

For further information on establishing a ‘retail services, restricted’ operation, contact one of our Development Officers at or  In addition, please review the licencing requirements established by the Yukon Liquor Corporation.