Parks assists in the installation and maintenance of a number of outdoor skating rinks throughout the City. These rinks range in size from several hundred square feet with snow bank sides to larger ones with full board systems and night lighting. The main objective of this program is to provide the residents of an area with an outdoor skating rink that is close to their homes.

Criteria for obtaining an outdoor skating rink:

  1. The commitment from people in the neighborhood willing to maintain the rink throughout the season.
  2. The site must be owned or leased by the City of Whitehorse.

Applicant responsibilities:

  1. Relay information regarding the site to Parks and Community Development.
  2. Cut weeds/grass to a height of 3″ or less.
  3. Seal rink edges with sand or snow to contain the water.
  4. Ensure the rink is clear of snow prior to the pre-scheduled weekly floods.
  5. If the neighborhood feels that there is a need for rules governing the use of their rink, then it is up to them to establish the rules (i.e. keep skaters off the ice after flooding until the surface is suitable for skating).

Parks responsibilities:

  1. Verify the rink site is on City owned or leased property.
  2. Assist the neighborhood in site development.
  3. Provide a flooding schedule to applicants.
  4. Provide a weekly flood as per flooding schedule or as weather permits.

Recreation Grants: Funding may be available to upgrade your community rink. The City offers financial assistance to encourage volunteer community groups and organizations to further improve and develop recreation opportunities for Whitehorse residents. Please visit:

Annual Application Deadline – October 31

The undersigned request the assistance of Parks and Community Development in the development of an outdoor skating rink. Questions? Email: [email protected] / Phone: 668-8325 / Address: Frank Slim Building (Shipyards Park)

Please use park name and street address

The above rink contact person will be responsible for ensuring there is sufficient community involvement to maintain the rink.