• How do I advertise at the Canada Games Centre or Takhini Arena?

    View sponsorship and advertising opportunities

  • How do I book a City Facility?
  • How do I find a playground?

    Click here to see our playgrounds listing complete with addresses, pictures and more information!

  • How do I find a trail?

    Click here for the Trails web page!

  • How do I find out about closures or cancellations before coming to the CGC?

    Visit our Canada Games Centre page or follow us on Facebook!

  • How do I navigate the online drop-in schedule?


    Will remind you of upcoming closures and events that may affect the drop in schedule


    There are 4 calendars to choose from;

    • Aquatics Drop-In
    • Arenas Drop-In
    • Field / Flexi Drop-In
    • Fitness Drop-In

    Once you have clicked on a calendar, you will see events for that area for today.

    When you hover over the information icon, you will see information about the drop-in

    To navigate back to a different calendar, click the back button.


    • To open filter on mobile phone, click the blue icon on the top right.
    • SERVICE is the drop-in activity name.
      • If you are filtering by service, always include ‘booked event’ and ‘maintenance’ as well as the activity you are searching for so that you can see when there are closures or events that may affect the drop in schedule.
    • DATE
      • To look at a date in the future, filter the end date first.
    • AGE

  • How do I register for a Recreation program?

    You have the choice of three ways to register for a program:

    1. Online at Whitehorse.ca/play (Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no convenience fees!)
    2. By phone at 668-8360
    3. In person at the Canada Games Centre

  • What do I do if I’ve lost something at the CGC?

    The CGC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items; however, if something is returned we will place it in the lost and found for up to 48 hours. Contact us ASAP and we’ll do our best to locate your item. Valuable items found are locked in a safe and held for a longer period of time. In order to help prevent losing items, we suggest that you leave all valuable items at home.

  • What is your withdraw and refund policy for recreation programs?

    A $25 fee is charged for each participant withdrawing from a program and the balance is placed on an account. If the program fee is less than $25, the program fee is charged and no balance is refunded.

    Due to the extensive planning and preparation involved, programs marked with a DIAMOND will not be refundable within 7 days of a program start date.

    If the City of Whitehorse cancels a program, participants will be notified and a full refund will be credited to your account.