Single Family Homes & Multi-Residences (4 or less)

Residential Curbside Collection

Single-family residences and multi-unit residential properties with 4 or fewer units are eligible for residential Curbside Collection.

Collection alternates weekly between general waste (Black Cart) and organic waste (Green Cart).

2024 Curbside Collection Schedule (Feb 2024 to Jan 2025)

Black Cart

Your Black Cart collects non-recyclable packaging, hygiene products, bagged pet waste (feces, litter, and bedding), bagged wood ashes (cold!), used vacuum cleaner bags, and soiled aluminum foil.

Your Black Cart does not collect cardboard, compostables, recyclables, household hazardous waste (HHW), or e-waste.

Green Cart

Your Green Cart only collects compostable waste. Click here to learn more about what to put in your Green Cart.

Extra yard waste? You can place additional approved compostable bags at the curb with your Green Cart. When setting out yard waste, please space bags 1 metre from your full Green Cart.

Note: Bags must weigh 25 kg or less each and be placed in a single pile.

Making sure that waste is secured not only prevents wildlife from accessing it but also reduces the risk of people illegally dumping it in your bin, which is a theft of service.

Living in close proximity to the wilderness comes with the collective responsibility to keep it wild. An important part of keeping our wilderness wild is properly managing our waste, as well as other attractants. Wildlife habituated to waste leads to human-wildlife interactions which could prove deadly for the animal. This includes foxes, coyotes, and bears!

Please report illegal dumping to Bylaw Services at 867-667-2111.