Festival and Special Event Grant Application

The Festival and Special Event Grant intake for all events scheduled from January to December of the following year has now closed.

Final Report

A Final Report and Financial Statement must be submitted within 90 days of the conclusion of the event. Failure to file this information may result in rejection of new applications.

1. Project Summary 
a. Goals achieved and factors influencing outcomes
b. Major variances from original application

2. Statistics

a. Attendance figures
b. Estimation of demographics and origin of patrons if available
c. Number of volunteers

3. Budget
a. Final accounting of event revenues and expenses
b. How were the City’s funds expended?

4. Media Exposure
a. Representative samples of photos from event if available
b. Media coverage (print, radio, TV)

5. Recognition

a. Identify how the municipality’s contributions were recognized

Submit Final Reports:

Online or Email