Festival and Special Event Grant Application

Please list only one event per application.
If yes, please upload in-kind support below.
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Organizational Information

Contact Person who can answer questions pertaining to this application

Recent Grant History

Has your organization previously received a grant from the City for this event or festival?

Not eligible:

Applications shall not be accepted from any group or organization with an outstanding final report.
Ensure that all information included herein is accurate. Unsigned applications may not be considered. Please print your name here.

Organization WITH a Board of Directors:

Attach a copy of your Board Minutes Signed Resolution by Board Member and President

Committee WITHOUT a Board of Directors

Attach a Signed Letter of Intent from the Committee Signed Resolution by Committee Members
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Event / Organization Information

Festival Event Detailed Budget

Please provide an estimate of the revenues and costs of the event for which a grant is requested. Provide how and where City grant funds will be spent. Include a list on the attached form of City in-kind support you are requesting. (A dollar value for in-kind support will be calculated by the Internal Evaluation Team as part of the assessment).
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Please upload detailed list of in-kind support requested (if applicable)
If you are a first time applicant, provide a brief history of your organization and its mandate.
Activities planned, Number of volunteers and their roles, Cost and target audience describing expected, attendance, age, origin, etc.
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This PDF is available to download from the Festival and Special Event Grant webpage.

Final Report

A Final Report and Financial Statement must be submitted within 90 days of the conclusion of the event. Failure to file this information may result in rejection of new applications.

1. Project Summary 
a. Goals achieved and factors influencing outcomes
b. Major variances from original application

2. Statistics

a. Attendance figures
b. Estimation of demographics and origin of patrons if available
c. Number of volunteers

3. Budget
a. Final accounting of event revenues and expenses
b. How were the City’s funds expended?

4. Media Exposure
a. Representative samples of photos from event if available
b. Media coverage (print, radio, TV)

5. Recognition

a. Identify how the municipality’s contributions were recognized

Submit Final Reports:

Online at www.whitehorse.ca/grants
Email: [email protected]