Bike Parking

Bike racks are located throughout town so residents can temporarily secure their bikes.

As part of the City’s commitment to sustainable transportation, the Zoning Bylaw requires that new developments, including commercial, multi-housing and institutional buildings, must provide bike racks.

The Environmental Grant supports organizations and workplaces for bike rack installation on non-City property.

Bike rack design and location are important. Learn about bike rack materials, design, and placement in this guide.

Residents can request bike racks on City land through the Request-a-rack program.

Do you know a spot in town that needs a bike rack?

Request one (or more!) through our Request-a-rack program.

Request-a-rack is a program to provide bike racks throughout Whitehorse based on requests from residents. Your spot needs to be on City-owned property — off-street walkways, trails, transit stops, parks, and underutilized roadway parking areas. Our goal is to support and enhance cycling infrastructure throughout the city. If your favourite spot needs a rack, we encourage you to apply!

Deadline: There is no application deadline; the intake application process is ongoing.

Installation: The City will install racks throughout the summer and fall.

The racks are staple-style, about 90 cm tall and 60 cm wide, and made of galvanized steel. The rack will be bolted onto a concrete pad and can accommodate up to two bicycles.


The City is working to double the number of active transportation trips taken in Whitehorse by 2030 by making it easier to choose options like cycling. Switching to cycling reduces carbon emissions and contributes to health and a more vibrant community.

The Request-a-rack program seeks input from residents to identify locations on City property that need bike racks. The City approves the requests using established eligibility criteria (see below).

Eligibility Criteria

Locations for new bike rack installation must meet the following eligibility criteria for approval review:

  • Be on City-owned property such as off-street walkways, trails, transit stops, parks, and underutilized roadway parking areas.
  • Year-round, provide safe public access (i.e., not restricted access) for short-term bicycle parking.
  • Must not obscure the line of sight from a street, lane, or walkway to oncoming traffic or maintenance vehicles for the mobility of pedestrians, cyclists, or motorists.
  • Must not impede accessible parking and other public amenities.
  • Must not impede access to emergency and protective services (such as fire, police, and ambulance).
  • Must not impede seasonal maintenance by City operators, rack users, and where applicable, nearby building owners.
  • Must meet all bylaw safety and maintenance requirements (such as the Zoning, Parks and Public Open Space, Maintenance, Bicycle, and E-Bike bylaws).

Priority Locations

We’re prioritizing rack installations in the downtown core and neighbourhood urban centres to encourage residents to cycle to work and other public destinations by providing a safe place to temporarily secure their bikes year-round. Our other priority areas include municipal parks throughout the city for recreational cyclists.

Approval & Maintenance

The City will review, approve, and prioritize application submissions based on the eligibility criteria, priority locations, and a site visit. The City will install the approved bicycle rack(s) and pour a concrete pad if needed.

Rack maintenance is a shared responsibility between the City, users, and, if applicable, the nearby building owner. The City retains the right to remove or relocate the bicycle rack in the future to meet operational or development considerations.

Connect With Us

If you have any questions or feedback about the Request-a-rack program or bike parking in Whitehorse, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or (867) 687-1478. We want to hear from you!

Request Form

Please complete the following form to apply for the Request-a-rack program.

The Sustainability Coordinator will contact you with any questions and update you on the application status within two weeks.

Desired Rack Location

Use one or more of the following options to tell us where you are proposing the bicycle rack to be placed:

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Need more information? Please contact [email protected].