• How do I apply for an accessible parking permit?

    A person may receive an Accessible Parking Permit if:

    • they can not walk 50 metres without the assistance of another person or a brace, cane, crutch, a lower limb prosthetic device or similar assistive device or who requires the assistance of a wheelchair;
    • they are severely limited in the ability to walk 50 meters due to an arthritic, neurological, musculoskeletal or orthopedic condition; or
    • their visual acuity is 20/200 or poorer in the better eye with or without corrective lenses or whose greatest diameter of the field of vision in both eyes is 20 degrees or less.

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  • How do I pay for a parking ticket?

    Payment for traffic violation tickets issued under the Traffic Bylaw may be made online, in person, by mail, or by Visa or Mastercard over the phone.


  • Where can I park downtown?

    Visit our Parking page which includes maps / zones and further information.