Payments & Disputes

All parking meters in Whitehorse are coin operated. You can pay for parking meters by inserting coins, or by using the HotSpot parking app.

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Payment for traffic violation tickets issued under the Traffic Bylaw may be made online, in person, or by Visa or Mastercard over the phone. Please call City Hall at 867-667-6401 and a Customer Service Representative will assist you.

You can pay for parking using the HotSpot app.

Through the app, use the HotSpot Wallet to pay for a stall, avoid tickets with alerts and remote top-up, and even use remaining time at another stall if you move spots.

Parking fees and time limits remain the same. HotSpot users will be charged a convenience fee of $0.25 per session; however, instead of the convenience fee, users can buy a monthly subscription for $2 or an annual subscription for $20 to save even more.

Coins are still accepted at all stalls.

Download the app and create your account today!

To pay for a parking ticket online, simply enter the amount due, your parking ticket number and your email address in the form below, fill out the captcha and then click the “Proceed to Payment” button. A new page will open to the City’s payment provider, Moneris, for a safe and secure transaction.

On the Moneris payment page, enter your payment information and confirm payment.

We are able to process Visa and MasterCard transactions. A receipt will be emailed to you once the transaction has been approved.

Expired Meter Penalties can be reduced to $10 if paid within 24 hours or the next business day of the ticket being issued.

It is important to note that you will be responsible for reducing your ticket to $10 when making a payment.

Only one parking ticket is allowed per transaction; multiple tickets must be paid for individually.

A customer service representative will contact you in the event of a payment discrepancy.

Our customer service representatives are available Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. if you experience any issues.

To dispute a parking ticket, please fill out the Parking Ticket Dispute Form.

Amount Due $

For the amount due, you must include .00

Ticket #

Email Address

Before you proceed to payment, please complete the captcha above.

Originally adopted in 1982, the Traffic Bylaw regulates traffic and vehicle parking. The Traffic Bylaw is administered and enforced by the City’s Bylaw Services Department.

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Once submitted, you will receive a follow-up reply to your email provided within 5 days.