The City of Whitehorse strives to create parking and curbside spaces to support a vibrant city and an accessible, safe, and sustainable transportation network for all road  users.

The City manages:

  • On-street parking management, and curbside regulations.
  • Enforcement of non-moving vehicular traffic violations.
  • Operations and maintenance of transportation infrastructure.
  • Review and approval of curbside use (e.g. Sidewalk Café and Pop-Up Patio Program).
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Curbsides, the space between the sidewalk and the regular traffic lane, are an important part of the way we move and gather in Whitehorse. They are also one of our biggest public spaces and can easily be changed to meet the needs and desires of the community. Parking and curbsides are managed to equitably and strategically benefit more people in Whitehorse.

Traditionally used for parking, curbsides are transforming into valuable space for people and business. Today, the way we are using our curbside space is changing and diversifying. Curbside space may be used for a variety of mobility purposes including:

  • Bicycle and micromobility (e.g. e-scooters) parking and storage.
  • Transit stops and transit laybys.
  • Passenger and commercial loading and unloading, and delivery zones.
  • Accessible parking.
  • EV charging stations.
  • Parking.

Curbside space can be used for enhancing vibrancy of our streetscapes and for gathering purposes such as:

  • Curb extensions.
  • Parklets.
  • Social gathering spaces.
  • Seasonal patios and outdoor dining.
  • Food trucks.
  • Events.

In 2019, the City developed the Downtown Parking Management Plan to guide the management and operations of parking supply and demand within the Downtown Area.

Click here to view the Downtown Parking Management Plan.

The City of Whitehorse conducts regular parking enforcement on streets with high parking utilization.

Click here to request parking enforcement in your area and submit a request through Report a Problem.

Rules and regulations for parking motor vehicles are found in the Yukon Motor Vehicles Act and the City of Whitehorse Traffic By-law.

Click here to view the Yukon Motor Vehicles Act.

Click here to view the City of Whitehorse Traffic By-law.

Parking Near Driveways

Vehicles are not permitted to be parked within 1.5 m of a driveway or access.

The City is responsible for regulating use of the curbside for various purposes.

Sidewalk Cafe and Pop-Up Patio Program

Click here to learn more about the Sidewalk Cafe and Pop-Up Patio Program.