We maintain over 600 lane kilometres of roadway, including roads that are paved, un-paved , and treated with Bituminous Surface Treatment.

The road maintenance program involves dust control, sidewalk cleaning and maintenance, ditching, shouldering, runoff, and bridge maintenance.

The Transportation Maintenance Policy sets out the manner in which transportation and infrastructure maintenance will be carried out on roads designated for maintenance by the City.

Pothole Patching
When the ground thaws in the spring, potholes can develop within hours. To help us locate and repair these holes quickly we encourage you to report them by calling our 24-hour Road Maintenance Control Centre at 633-7669.

Street, Lane, and Sidewalk Repairs
From mid-May to mid-September, repairs are undertaken on streets, curbs, and lanes that are identified in the regular patrols and annual survey of street conditions. All repairs are prioritized and the most severe ones are scheduled first. The work includes:

  • patching asphalt streets to provide a smooth surface for vehicles
  • resurfacing asphalt streets to avoid costly reconstruction
  • filling cracks in streets to stop water from damaging the foundation
  • grading gravel streets and lanes to maintain good drainage and an even surface
  • reconstructing lanes that have poor drainage
  • placing calcium on major gravel roads to control dust
  • repairing sidewalks
  • repairing curbs and gutters to improve drainage

Street Sweeping
The major focus of street sweeping happens during spring clean-up. Ongoing maintenance continues throughout the summer based on the following priorities:

  • Priority #1 – major arteries and bus routes
  • Priority #2 – minor arteries and bus routes, major industrial roads, central business districts, roads adjacent to schools and city-owned properties
  • Priority #3 – remainder of municipal roads