Utility & Tax E-Billing Online Form

The City of Whitehorse offers a fast and convenient way to receive your utility & tax bill. With our E-Billing system (Esend) you can have your bills sent directly to your email account.

  • It is an environmentally friendly option
  • It avoids delivery delays
  • It is more convenient

How to Enroll
Complete the enrolment/authorization form below. Make sure you fill in all your information correctly including email.

For questions regarding E-Billing, please call Accounts Receivable at 667-6401 or email [email protected]

This authorization may be changed at anytime with the submission of another authorization form. E-Billing may be terminated at any time by the City of Whitehorse. The information contained in this application form will be compiled and included in the City of Whitehorse Financial Information System database. The information in the database will only be accessed by employees of the City of Whitehorse, or agencies of the City of Whitehorse, who require the information to provide E-billing correspondence. No personal information, other than the information provided above, will be included in the Financial Information System database. Payment of the Property Taxes and Utilities remain the responsibility of the Property Owner.