Event Checklist Form

Failure to sign the rental agreement prior to the event will result in a booking cancellation.

Liability Insurance

If NO, contact an insurance provider, then email a copy of liability insurance prior to the event to Parks and Community Development at [email protected] / 668-8325. Shipyards Park Address 100 – 1 Ogilvie Street, Y1A 0G6 Rotary Peace Park Address 2045 – 2nd Avenue, Y1A 1A8 Robert Service Campground Day Use Area Address 120 Robert Service Way, Y1A 6S1


If YES, obtain a Building Permit. Land and Building Services [email protected] / 668-8346.
If NO, contact one of the Fire Prevention Officers at 668-8685 or 393-8420.


If YES, a refundable $500.00 damage deposit is required by Parks and Community Development [email protected] / 668-8325. OFFICE: prepare the Authorization to Obtain a Liquor Use Permit application form for client to take to the Liquor Corp.
If NO, request an Authorization for Liquor Use Permit from Parks and Community Development to take to the Yukon Liquor Corporation, 9031 Quartz Road, 667-5245.

Business Licence

If NO, anyone conducting any kind of endeavour for profit or gain is required to have a business licence. Charitable Organizations are not required to obtain a business licence. Non-profit Organizations may require a business licence as per Business Licence Bylaw. Land and Building Services [email protected] / 668-8346.


If YES, a Temporary Food Permit is required. Environmental Health, 2 Hospital Road, 667-8391.

Road Closure / Music or Noise

If YES, a permit is required for any special event road closure as per the Special Event Road Closure Bylaw. Bylaw Services [email protected] / 668-8317.
If YES, the City does not have a specific noise bylaw. However, there are provisions regarding noise included in the Maintenance Bylaw. Bylaw Services [email protected] / 668-8317.



Portable Washrooms



Vehicle Access

Site Map

Waste Management

Additional Items

Pre-event Meeting

If NO, Event Organizer must contact the Program Coordinator at 334-2300 to arrange a pre-event meeting prior to the event.