The City of Whitehorse would like to remind all cyclists of the Bicycle Bylaw requirements. Some of the laws that you’ll need to know are:

  • Cyclists and bike trailer passengers must wear a helmet;
  • Use the road for transportation, not the sidewalk;
  • Equip your bicycle with a head lamp and tail light when riding in the dark;
  • Make sure when riding you do not have headphones in both ears;
  • Signal by voice, bell or other signalling device before passing pedestrians; and
  • Use proper hand signals.

As more and more people are using bicycles as a means of transportation, the City of Whitehorse promotes this healthy and sustainable form of transportation, and strives to be a cycling-friendly community.

The City of Whitehorse would like to remind residents about the importance of:

  • following the rules of the road;
  • wearing an approved bicycle helmet;
  • not riding bicycles on the sidewalks; and
  • riding as near as practicable to the right-hand side of the roadway.

Cyclists, please visit our expansive active transportation page here!

School Presentation

Bylaw Services provides a 45-minute bicycle safety presentation to elementary schools. For more information on this – or to set up a time for a presentation – please contact the Bylaw Services Education Officer at 867-668-8317 or [email protected].