Vehicle for Hire Taxi Driver Program

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The Vehicle for Hire Taxi Driver program was developed to help create a high standard of taxi service in the City of Whitehorse. The course is required for anyone wanting to drive a taxi in the City of Whitehorse.

Want to Drive A Taxi?

The Vehicle for Hire Driver Program cost is $345 and consists of three, 1-day courses:

This course provides a review on key laws that apply to both the driver and company. Safety is of the utmost importance and it is important that a driver knows what their rights are, as well as their customer’s to help provide the best service possible in a safe and respectable manner. Participants will also examine transporting passengers, accessible vehicle services, and driver permit application requirements.

This course provides a review on vehicle inspections, their conditions, and overall requirements. Driver and passenger safety is examined including driver safety preparation, high risk shifts and locations, de-escalation potentially violent situations, and dealing with emergencies. Participants will also review how the taxi industry operates from dispatching calls and radio communication protocols, to vehicle security systems and pick-up drop-off processes.

This course provides drivers the awareness and skills to deliver quality services to all people including persons with disabilities and seniors. Drivers will have confidence to identify and communication effectively with their clients, understand their needs, and provide safe transportation.

Upcoming Courses

To inquire about upcoming course dates, please contact Bylaw Services at 668-8317.

To register, complete the application form and email it to [email protected] or drop-off at the Public Safety Building (Bylaw Services) located at 305 Range Road.