All our drinking water comes from the high quality aquifer below the Riverdale neighbourhood. Being underground, it’s less likely to be contaminated than surface water sources. However, surface activities from households can harm our drinking water, as well as enter the Yukon River through the storm sewer system.

Here’s how you can help protect our drinking water and our environment.

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The Water & Waste Department is responsible for the maintenance of the sewer system, the storm sewer system, lift stations, and the sewage lagoons.

The sewerage system consists of:

  • one main lagoon system which serves Porter Creek, Hillcrest, Takhini, Downtown, and Riverdale
  • one minor lagoon system that serves Crestview
  • four major lift stations and a flush tank
  • five minor lift stations

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Online Form – for less than 1 cord within City limits only!

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The City of Whitehorse administers an annual mosquito control program with a goal to reduce local mosquito populations and adult mosquito nuisance. All of the residential and industrial subdivisions extending from Hidden Valley in the north to Cowley Creek and Mary Lake in the south are included within the program’s service area.

The annual control program does not spray for adult mosquitos and has not done so for over 20 years.

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Cutting a Yukon tree can be an enjoyable way to experience our forests this holiday season. Forest Management Branch and the City have teamed up to identify areas within and outside Whitehorse where households can cut up to two trees.

Visit the website for maps of allowable cutting areas, guidelines and a description of tree types.

Tree Cutting Guidelines

  • Cut only from vacant crown land in the areas identified in the interactive map;
  • Do not cut trees from First Nation Settlement Land;
  • Do not cut from power line corridors, urban parks and playground areas;
  • Do not cut on private property, or cross private land without permission;
  • Do not drive beyond gated areas. You can proceed beyond gates on foot only;
  • Park your vehicle safely and responsibly;
  • Be prepared for all weather conditions;
  • Adhere to the ATV and Snowmobile bylaws when using those vehicles;

Tree disposal

If you’re on curbside collection, place your tree at the curb for collection by January 8, 2023 They are picked up free of charge by the Transportation crews. Don’t be alarmed if the tree waits there for over a week—it just means the crews are busy with more pressing matters, such as snow clearing.

If you’re not on curbside collection, you can take your tree to the Waste Management Facility and drop it off for a small fee.