Living and Garden Suites

Building a new living or garden suite is easier than ever. Almost any single-detached home owner can build a suite, and some duplex owners can build a garden suite. The City of Whitehorse and its partners have policies and programs to help home owners make their plans for a suite into a reality.

Mortgage helper: With rising housing costs, purchasing a house with a suite or adding a suite can make it easier for new home buyers and existing home owners.

Aging in place: Owners on a fixed income and seniors can remain in their own homes longer by renting a living or garden suite. In addition, having someone close by providing can provide a sense of security.

Helping families to stay together: An owner may provide a living or garden suite as a first home for an adult child or as nearby accommodation for an elderly or disabled relative.

The City of Whitehorse and Yukon Housing Corporation offer incentives and funding opportunities for the development of eligible suites within the Urban Containment Boundary (illustrated in Map 5 of the Official Community Plan).

The City’s Housing Development Incentives Policy provides an incentive up to 100% of the Development Cost Charges (DCCs) for the development of an eligible suite. Learn more on the City’s Housing Development Incentives Page.

The Yukon Housing Corporation provides an incentive of up to $10,000 as part of their Municipal Matching Program. Visit their website for more information.

A living suite or garden suite is allowed in conjunction with most single detached housing zones in Whitehorse (RC1, RC2, RCS, RCS2, RCS3, RD, RS, RS2, CM1, CM2 and AG zones). Garden suites are also allowed in conjunction with duplexes where each duplex unit is on a separate fee-simple lot and the lot size is at least 555 m2.

Additional information is available on our Garden Suite and Living Suite guides.

Development Permit application forms are available on the City’s Development Applications and Permits webpage. A Building Permit application is also required, which can be completed in person at the Land and Building Services Department office, located in the Calcite Business Centre at Unit #6 – 151 Industrial Road.