Housing Development Incentives

The City’s Housing Development Incentives Policy is intended to encourage development of smaller, denser housing forms, targeted density, and rental/supportive housing projects.  Financial incentives include a reduction in Development Cost Charges and Tax Grants.

Incentives offered by the City of Whitehorse include:

Reduction of Development Cost Charges (to$0) for the development of either a living or garden suite. For more information, see:

Reduction of DCCs (to $0 – maximum value of $50,000) for residential development:

  • in the CN, CNC, or CNC zones;
  • outside Downtown or in the RD/CM1 zones that are within 400 m of a neighbourhood facility (schools, commercial areas, rec or health buildings, community gardens, or parks);
  • in the RCM zone where 90% of maximum density is achieved.

Reduction of DCCs (to $0) for residential development in the RCM2 zone where density achieved is 50% higher than the minimum requirement.

Further financial incentives are offered for projects undertaken by non-profit and/or non-governmental organizations as follows:

  • grant equal to the cost of development fees and/or DCCs (maximum of $20,000);
  • deferral of payment on property purchased from the City;
  • cash grants for purpose built, subsidized rental or supportive housing projects.

Reduction of DCCs (to $0) and a 10 year Tax Grant (total value of $500,000) for development of one or both of the following:

  • a minimum of 4 rental housing units maintained for a minimum of 10 years;
  • a minimum of 4 supportive housing units that are owned/operated by a non-profit agency or non-government organization.

General criteria for eligibility:

  • Only developments located within the Urban Containment Boundary (see Map 5 of the Official Community Plan) are eligible for an incentive;
  • Only the residential portion of a building will receive an incentive;
  • Residential units for the Neighbourhood Density, RCM2 Zone, and Non-profit/NGO incentives must be apartment units with 2 or fewer bedrooms;
  • Applications will not be processed until a Development Permit is issued.

Note that this overview is for reference only. Applicants should review the City’s Housing Development Incentives Policy in full prior to making an application.

Download a Housing Development Incentive application form (Form 5A) and apply today!


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