Whitehorse 2040 - Official Community Plan Review

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We are in the midst of reviewing our Official Community Plan (OCP) - called Whitehorse 2040. The OCP is the City's highest level planning document, setting overall direction for the community over the next 20 years.

Phase 2 of the review has completed. Phase 3 will commence with the release of the first draft of the new plan. 

Phase 2 complete!

The Phase 2 What We Heard report was released in October 2019.

 Notably, as part of phase 2 we received more than 700 responses to our 21-question workbook. At an average of 17 minutes per response, this represents more than 8 full days that Whitehorse residents devoted to supplying us with key input to help shape the 2020 OCP! Big thanks to everyone who's been involved so far.

Make sure you get involved!

An OCP is a community-led plan that reflects the ideas, aspirations, priorities, and expertise of Whitehorse residents. Your involvement is key to setting the direction on how you live, work, and play in your city. Whitehorse 2040 will have four phases.

Phase 2, called "Explore New Concepts", is about taking the big ideas collected from the public in Phase 1 and testing and considering them in more detail. Ideas are generally limited to those that don't already have recent planning work completed. Phase 2 will wrap up with the production of a 'New Concepts' report and 'What we Heard' document. In Phase 3 we will combine these with other planning work that's already been previously completed to create a draft plan.

Quick Links

Download the OCP Backgrounder for a handy reference guide to what an OCP is and what's in it.

The Phase 2 What We Heard report was released in October 2019. This report summarizes all of our extensive engagement events held between April and September 2019. 850 people helped us out with feedback in Phase 2!

The Phase 1 Report was released in April 2019. This report contains a summary of all background reports that will inform the OCP, Whitehorse statistics, and a summary of what we heard in Phase 1. We had 755 responses in Phase 1. Thank you!

Download the current OCP, still in effect until a new plan is adopted.

Our housing demand infographic describes some of the factors that will influence housing demand into the future.

Staff have produced two videos to help spread info about the OCP review. 


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What's in an OCP?

The Municipal Act gives municipalities the power to create an OCP and also specifies they must be reviewed within a regular period of time. Once adopted by Council, work produced by the City must align with the OCP, including the Zoning Bylaw, and other regulatory and policy documents. An OCP is used by the City to make decisions on land-use planning, housing, growth, conservation, recreation, transportation, relationships with other governments, and more!

City staff have been working towards a new OCP for several years now by arranging to have numerous supporting documents completed in time to be integrated into the OCP. The work that has gone into plans, such as the Sustainability Plan, Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Downtown Plan, Marwell Plan, Transit Master Plan, and Bicycle Network Plan will not be duplicated, but rather guide the OCP. Click here to view the list of plans.

In addition, the following studies were completed. These are not formally adopted by Council, but look in depth at a specific subject area, and will inform OCP policies and land use planning decisions:

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