Whitehorse 2040 - Official Community Plan Review

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Participate now!

Currently, we're in Phase 1 - Awareness Building. There are two main ways to get involved in Phase 1:

1. Online Survey


Click here to fill out the survey!

Complete by January 25, 2019

Tell us your ideas, priorities, and aspirations on how you want your city to grow and change over the next 20 years!

2. Drop-in Meeting

4-8pm, January 23, 2019 at Mt. McIntyre Recreation Centre Grey Mountain Room

Come talk face-to-face with our planners about things that are important to you! More details to come on this event.




About Whitehorse 2040

The City of Whitehorse has launched a review of its Official Community Plan (OCP) called Whitehorse 2040. The OCP is the City's highest level planning document that sets the overall direction for the community over the next 20 years to about 2040. The Municipal Act gives municipalities the power to create an OCP and also specifies they must be reviewed within a regular period of time. Once adopted by Council, work produced by the City must align with the OCP including the Zoning Bylaw and other regulatory and policy documents. An OCP is used by the City to make decisions on land-use planning, housing, growth, conservation, recreation, transportation, relationships with other governments, and more!

Access to housing options over the next 20 years is just one of the topics that the new OCP will address. Recognizing the importance of this topic, the City has created a housing demand infographic on some of the factors that will influence housing demand into the future. 


How to get involved 

An OCP is a community-led plan that reflects the ideas, aspirations, priorities, and expertise of Whitehorse residents. Your involvement is key to setting the direction on how you live, work, and play in your city.

Whitehorse 2040 will be broken into four phases. Currently we are in Phase 1 - Awareness Building.There will be many opportunities throughout the review to get involved.

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Sign up to our e-newsletter for project updates (note: your information will only be used for OCP Review updates). The first e-newsletter is expected to be issued in January 2019.


Document library

City staff have been working towards a new OCP for several years now by arranging to have numerous supporting documents completed in time to be integrated into the OCP. The work that has gone into plans such as the Sustainability Plan, Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Downtown Plan, Marwell Plan, Transit Master Plan, and Bicycle Network Plan will not be duplicated, but rather guide and be integrated into the OCP. Click here for the list of plans that will be integrated.

Additional work is ongoing and are scheduled to be complete in time to be integrated into the next OCP. These are:

2010 OCP

The current Official Community Plan was adopted by City Council in 2010 following a two-year long engagement process involving governments, community organizations, and the public. The document is over eight years old and needs a review to reflect current conditions and trends.


Contact us

 City of Whitehorse Planning & Sustainability Services
 E: ocp@whitehorse.ca
 P: 867-668-8338
 O: 2nd Floor of Municipal Services Building, 4210 4th Avenue