Multi-Residences (5 or more) & Commercial Businesses

What to do with Waste, Organic Waste, and Recyclables:

General Waste

The City does not provide general waste collection services to multi-unit buildings (5 units or more) or commercial businesses. They are required to handle their waste using commercial services or self-hauling. However, the City provides information and resources to building owners and managers to manage general waste at apartments, condos, and businesses.

Organic Waste

Since 2020, all multi-unit residential properties with 5 or more units (e.g., condos snd apartment buildings)  and commercial businesses (e.g. food industry) are required to enroll in the Commercial Organics Collection program. With the Commercial Organics Collection, all multi-unit properties and commercial businesses can choose between ordering either Green Carts or Green Bins (2-yard or 3-yard) from the City to participate in the weekly collection program. Contact Water and Waste Services at 867-689-2325 or [email protected] to enroll or for more information.

Note: The Commercial Organics Collection program operates separately from the Residential Curbside Collection program and is on its own weekly collection schedule!


Recyclable materials can be self-hauled to Raven Recycling or P&M Recycling Depot, depending on the material. Reuseable materials that are in good working condition can be resold or regifted through social media Buy and Sell pages or Whitehorse Classifieds, or repaired at Repair Cafes: Upcoming Yukonstruct Events.