Dock Development Permits

Application Forms and Development Guides

The City’s Land and Building Services Department issues annual Development Permits for dock sites located on the west shore of Schwatka Lake. The annual permit fee is $300. A damage deposit of $1,500 is required for new applicants. The Dock Development Application Form is due by April 1. The form must be accompanied by:

  1. Proof of dock insurance showing public liability coverage ($2,000,000 minimum) with the City indicated as an additional insured party.
  2. Proof of float plane registration by providing a certificate number verifiable on the Canadian Civil Aircraft Register or the US Federal Aviation Administration Registry.
  3. Proof of float plane insurance showing public liability coverage ($2,000,000 minimum), along with passenger liability if operating a commercial air service or aircraft ($300,000 minimum per passenger).

Dock regulations and standards are specified in the City’s Schwatka Lake Dock Policy, adopted by City Council in March 2016.

Priority is given to dock site holders renewing from the previous year. When a dock site becomes available, it is offered to the next person on the wait list. Commercial and private aviation operators can request to be placed on the wait list by sending an email to [email protected].

Review by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans may be required for the construction and repair of docks where the total combined footprint exceeds 20 square metres. For all dock development, permit holders are required to avoid causing harm to fish by following measures to avoid harm to fish.

Permit holders are required to have a spill kit on-site when handling and transporting fuel and other hazardous substances. The kit must be equipped to respond to the maximum spill potential of the operation on land and water. Duties to mitigate and report spills are stated in Yukon’s Environment Act. Learn how to report a fuel spill and develop a spill response plan.

Where are the insurance requirements stated?

The City’s minimum insurance requirements are stated in the Lease, Encroachment, and Property Use Policy (Section 5, pages 21-22). Federal aircraft insurance requirements are stated in Transport Canada’s Air Transportation Regulations.

What information should I include in my dock insurance statement?

The following is a sample statement that satisfies the City’s minimum public liability insurance requirements for docks:

“Comprehensive General (or Public) Liability insurance (or Aviation Premises Liability Insurance) as may be applicable against claims for bodily injury, including death, and property damage or loss arising from the use and/or occupation of the dock, or the operation of the permit holder on or about the dock. Such insurance shall name The City of Whitehorse as additional insured so as to indemnify and protect The City of Whitehorse and shall contain a “cross liability” (or “severability of interests” clause) so that each shall be insured in the same manner and to the same extent as if individual policies had been issued to it, and shall be for the amount not less than $2,000,000 combined single limit.”

The statement should make reference to dock on Schwatka Lake in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Can I extend one of my existing insurance plans to cover my dock site?

Insurance policies and packages vary widely. Based on the feedback received from insurance providers and permit holders, this is what we know:

  • Aircraft insurance: some aircraft insurance policies can be extended to include “aviation premises” coverage that applies to docks used for mooring aircraft. 
  • Commercial insurance: in many cases, an existing commercial insurance plan can be extended to cover a dock if the dock is used for an associated commercial purpose. 
  • Premises insurance: if you store a plane at the Erik Nielsen International Airport and have premises insurance for your storage site, you may be able to extend your insurance plan to cover your dock.
  • Home insurance: while a home coverage policy can be extended to cover docks, most insurance writers will not add the City of Whitehorse as an additional insured party to this type of policy.

If I let a guest use my dock site, am I liable?

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure that appropriate insurance policies are in place to cover the private or commercial activities of their dock guests. Where a dock guest does not have a separate insurance policy, the liability is on the permit holder.

Each dock must display its site permit number affixed in a location easily visible from shore. Docks should also display signage indicating private use.

Water Aerodome

Schwatka Lake is a water aerodrome registered with Transport Canada (CEZ5). A float plane base is located on the western shore of the lake.

Basic services are available at the base, which include outhouses, temporary plane parking, and fuel sales.

Plane parking and fuel sales are available at the north end of the lake. To schedule a service appointment, contact Alkan Air at (867) 668-2107. A call out charge may be levied for one or more services. Fuel types available:

  • 100LL av gas: Spec – CAN/CGSB – 3.25
  • JA turbine fuel: Spec – ASTM D 1655(b)

Plane parking is also available at the south end of the lake. Contact Alpine Aviation at 867-668-7725 for information.

Pilots arriving at the aerodrome following an international crossing are required to report to Canada Border Services Agency.

There are no public pay phones available at the float plane base.

The Robert Service Campground is located approximately 600 m north of the float plane base. The campground is accessed by land via Robert Service Way.

Downtown Whitehorse is located approximately 2 km north of the base where hotel and hostel services are available. Main Street is approximately 3 km away from the base.

The float plane base is accessed from Miles Canyon Road, off of Robert Service Way. Public bus transit is available. The closest timed stops are located north of the base, at the Robert Service Campground and at the Robert Service Ballpark. Taxi services are also available.